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Our Research Center

The centre of excellence for Advanced Laser Manufacturing deals with exploring  the potentials of Lasers in the fields of Nano-structuring, Nano-texturing, Micromachining, Micro-grinding, Joining, Peening, Beam shaping, 3D figuring, alchemy and Pulsed Laser Deposition. The centre is equipped with state of the art facilities including Femto-second Laser, Galvo-scanner, micro-grinding setup, Micro-Raman Spectroscopy and the subject experts for various fields spanning from Physics, Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Design. The centre also pledges to bridge the gap between the industry and academia.

The Team

Our team consists of academicians and researchers interested in Laser sciences and its applications. The team is a mixture of experience and dynamic creative young minds.


Prof. G.L. Samuel (PI)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. GL Samuel will be the incharge of the nano machining, metrology and characterisation aspects of the proposed Centre of Excellence.

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Prof. N Ramesh Babu

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. N Ramesh Babu will be the overall incharge of the development of High quality human resources for the manufacturing sector, develop indigenous manufacturing facilities through AMTDC and aid to Make in India concept.

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Nilesh J Vasa.jpg

Prof. N J Vasa

Department of Engineering Design

Prof. Nilesh J Vasa will be the incharge of laser micro and nano manufacturing especially in the field of laser Texturing, cladding, beam shaping and development of laser based bio sensors.

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Abstract Futuristic Background

Prof. G Phani Kumar

Department of Metallurgical  and Materials Engineering

Prof. G Phanikumar will be incharge of the materials and metallurgical aspects of the fabricated components and particles. He will also be the incharge of Laser brazing for assembling the batteries and thin walled parts.

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Prof. Sivarama krishnan

Department of Physics

Prof. Sivarama Krishnan will be incharge of the computational research, modelling and laser particle interactions.

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Prof. Amitava Ghosh

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Amitava Ghosh will be incharge of the laser assisted brazing and green manufacturing.

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Prof. Srinivas Rao Bakshi

Department of MME

Prof. Srinivas Rao Bakshi will be incharge of the surface engineering, thermal spray coatings & weld cladding

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Prof. Arvind Pattamatta

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Arvind Pattamatta will be incharge of   Computational fluid dynamics & heat transfer.

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Dr. Sivasrinivasu Devadula

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Srinivasa Devadula will be incharge of machining of 3D-surfaces on advanced engineering materials.

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