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International Collaborators

Our team involves experts from various reputed universities spanning all over the world. The experts are pioneers in the areas of materials, laser science, mechatronics.


Prof. Surendar Marya


Mechanics, Materials and Civil Engineering Department

Ecole Centrale de Nantess, France

Prof Surendar Marya specialises in Material Processing Welding, joining and surface modification Arc welding, Development of consumables Solid state joining- magnetic pulse welding Magnetic pulse forming Friction stir welding

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Prof. Jean-Yves Hascoët


Mechanics, Materials and Civil Engineering Department

Ecole Centrale de Nantess, France

Prof Jean-Yves Hascoët is an international expert in Additive Manufacturing. He manages national and international research projects in this field for industrial applications

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Prof. K. P. Rajurkar

College of Engineering Distinguished Professor

University of Nebraska- Lincoln, USA

Prof. K. P. Rajurkar's research interests include modeling and analysis of manufacturing processes, systems sensing and control of Traditional and Nontraditional macro, micro, and nano Manufacturing Processes


Prof. Satish Bukkapatnam

Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Director, TEES Institute of Manufacturing Systems

Texas A&M, TX, USA

Prof. Satish Bukkapatnam serves as Rockwell International Professor at Texas A&M University, TX, USA. His research interests are smart manufacturing, wireless MEMS sensors, monitoring, and prognostics.

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Prof. Lingxue Kong


Instit for Frontier Materials,

Deakin University, Geelong, Australia

Prof Lingxue Kong has a broad research interest in micro and nanofabrications and systems. His key interests include micro and nanosystems using microfluidics and nanofluidics for biomedical and environmental applications; and micro and nano characterization.

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Dr. Gyula Varga

Associate Professor

Institute of Manufacturing SciencesUniversity of Miskolc, Hungary

Dr Gyula Varga is an expert in environmentally friendly machining and diamond burnishing

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Prof. Narendra Dahotre

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

College of Engineering

University of North Texas, USA

Prof. Narendra B. Dahotre's state-of-the-art research facility houses multiple high-power infrared laser systems. These lasers are specifically designed for efficient additive and subtractive manufacturing processes for advanced materials.

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Prof. Dongbin Wei

Associate Professor

School of Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering

University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Prof. Dongbin Wei is an Associate Professor in University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. His research interests include micro manufacturing and fabrication of micro devices, conventional metal forming, material processing, advanced materials testing technology


Prof. Radovan Kovacevic

Professor & Director

Research Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Center for Laser-aided Manufacturing

Department of Mechanical Engineering

SMU, Lyle , USA 

Prof. Radovan Kovacevic is the Herman Brown Chair Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. His research interests include materials processing using high-power lasers, additive manufacturing, sensing, and control of manufacturing processes. 

Koichi Sasaki_edited.jpg

Prof. Koichi Sasaki

Professor, Graduate School of Engineering

Division of Quantum Science and Engineering

Hokkaido University, Japan

Prof. Koichi Sasaki heads the Laboratory of Plasma Processing for Environmental technology, his research interests lie in laser ablation, thin-film surfaces,  nanotechnology, optical engineering, photonoics and plasma processing.

Personal Website

Abhay Sharma.jpg

Prof. Abhay Sharma

Associate Professor

Department of Materials Engineering

KU Leuven, Belgium

Prof. Sharma has teaching and research experience in the design, analysis
and optimization of manufacturing processes with a current focus on process design for large-scale
multi-material multi-process additive manufacturing.

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Industrial Collaborators

Our team also involves experts from various reputed industries spanning all over the world. The experts are pioneers in the areas of materials, laser science, mechatronics and additive manufacturing.


Dr. Ravi Bathe

ARCI, Hyderabad, India


Dr. K Gopinath

Scientist K

Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA)

Chennai, India


Dr. K. Parthiban 

Scientist H

GTRE, Bengaluru, India


Mr. V Krishna Prasad

Group Director

Mechanical System


Mr. Thangaraj

Chief Manager (Design)

AERDC, Bengaluru, India

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