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Digital Twins for Machining Process and Measurement system of a Milling Machine

Image by Scott Webb


  • To develop/utilize the sensing technology to procure the required real-time data.

  • To develop machine learning algorithms to analyse the real-time data and improve the decision making.

  • To run simulations to locate the issues, analyse the problems and generate insights to improve the characteristics of the system.

  • To apply the solutions to the real-time system and study the performance of the system.

  • To impart knowledge in the specific areas of micromanufacturing including conventional and advanced techniques especially laser micromachining, electric discharge machining and hybrid machining techniques.

  • To impart knowledge in the area of surface modification and its effect on the materials such as wetting behavior of the surface, the laser-matter interaction and others.

  • To also impart the knowledge in the area of Digital metrology for effective characterization and understanding of the physical concepts.

Development of Digital Twin of Manufacturing Process and Measurement System
DT framework of Autonomous factory
Digital Twin framework of Autonomous Mobile Robot


  • Prof. GL Samuel (Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras)

  • Prof. R Jeyaganthan (Engineering Design, IIT Madras)

  • Prof. Ramnathan (Engineering Design, IIT Madras)

  • Dr. N Arunachalam (Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras)


  • Mr. T Rajesh Babu

  • Mr. Deep Singh

  • Mr. M Selvakumar

  • Mr. Jyoti Biswas

  • Mr. Steven John 

  • Mr. Rajasekar K


For any queries and discussions

+91 9444468251

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