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International Conference on Material Processing Using Lasers, and Surface Engineering (IMPULSE-2023)
December 14-15, 2023

@ Terrace Hall, IIT Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - India

Abstract Structure

About the Conference

The current era is witnessing a paradigm shift in surface functionalization technologies with the recent trend towards customized products and the increasing demands for multi-functional controlled surfaces. This has resulted in the research and development of highly innovative surface engineering techniques. Hence the principal theme of the conference is to host an academic cohort on the advancement of Laser-based material processing and surface engineering techniques especially for next-generation micro/nano device fabrication.

Last date to submit the abstract is

15th November 2023

It is well-known that the LASERS and other photonic systems are the enablers of the second quantum revolution with a wide range of industrial applications, since their invention in 1960. The application of Laser-based technologies is a very dynamic and ever-expanding field. Therefore, a periodic review of this field is necessary for discussing the current advancements and discovering future trends. Though there are various national and international research groups working on laser and surface engineering-based applications, setting up a common platform for knowledge transfer is highly essential to address the common industrial sector challenges. This will be beneficial for academic research as well as small- and large-scale industries. Hence the main objective of this international conference is to provide a unique forum for discussion of fundamental aspects of various surface engineering techniques and to bring together laser scientists, end-users and industry to review state-of-the-art and next-generation surface engineering technologies. Also, the conference is targeted to be an interdisciplinary conference. The topics cover a wide range of scientific research that bridges the gap between basic science and applications/technology and also forecasts advanced technologies to be envisioned for the future laser market.


• To provide an international platform for exchanging scientific knowledge and experience from scientists, academicians, engineers, researchers, industrialists and entrepreneurs. 

• To culminate the knowledge in the area of lasers and their applications.

• To create opportunities for budding researchers in the field.

• To introduce advanced technologies and their significance in the area of laser systems.

• To acknowledge the pioneers who have been instrumental in the advancement of laser technology.

Areas of Interest

Laser Materials Processing

Surface Engineering

Process modelling simulation and optimization

Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing

Advanced Coatings

Hybrid Manufacturing

Laser Assisted Manufacturing

Controlled Functional Surfaces


Lasers in Bio-Manufacturing

Conventional/Non-Conventional Machining and Machine Tools

Traditional and Non-Traditional/Machining Process applications

Precision Engineering-

Pulsed laser deposition

Surface Characterization and Metrology

Lased Based Forming

Dynamic Nano Scale Characterization of Aspheric Surfaces

Hybrid and Sustainable manufacturing

Laser Cladding

Micro-, Meso-, and Nano-Manufacturing

AI/ML applications

Laser matter interaction applications

Nano particle synthesis

Robotics and Automation

Optics and systems for Laser micro-Processing

Structuring, texturing, Cleaning, and modification of surfaces

Shock wave-based processing

Joining of materials



For any queries and discussions

+91 9444468251

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